Friday, January 09, 2009

A belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah, Happy Kwanzaa and winter solstice to ya' all.

Still hanging in there, not feeling much like writing about anything. Tough to write when there isn't a lot going on. I mean I could copy and paste my daily routine here but I'd want to hang myself seeing just how blah that is. lol

This past year I've come to terms with some of what God wants for me, and I'm pretty sure it means staying put where I am at home for the time being. This past year I've had my baby turn 18. I know there are people reading this that have been through it , it's just wierd. And she wasn't home for it. She was in the Army doing all sorts of cool academic stuff in a classroom. She has not been diminished at all in her amazingness to me. I don't think our kids do lose any of that which makes us amaze at them. On so many levels which brings me next to my boys.... :smilie where you cover your eyes and shake your head:

Most of the time I am very proud of them and thier ability to learn how to take part in tasks around our small farm. That is very cool. As I watch them learn to drive a tractor or a farm truck it takes me back to when I was there age. We never got to do cool stuff like that!! We were off sneaking ciggies with our allowance. (you used to be able to just buy them) But now my son Chase will be 16 next November. Holy Cow! Time to really get him used to behind the wheel driving! I hope they are both better drivers than I am, lol.

Chase has continued to surpass any sort of expectations that any of us have for him. He will be going to learn masonry and construction next year. He is very good with physical work. He needs to lose the weight (don't we all) but I think that can be dealt with at his age still. His grades are really good for a boy with a form of autism that is mainstreamed for the most part. Yeah!

George needs to remember that all assignments are important, not just the ones he views to have significance. He isn't failing anything but with his insight and wit he could be doing much better. He is due to become a member of the church this year when he finishes his Communion class. There are other things involved too, but it's different than mine was. This is UCC and I grew up Presbyterian. He has been required to participate in functions that the church has like dinners, breakfasts, the local fair, etc... That's something I need to get on board with is getting community service situations set up for him. He's also looking forward to the start of baseball season again. He has started his own batting practice and playing catch with Dad.

GrandPa still holds his own. Good days and bad days. His bad days are nothing like those of others I've seen when I was working in the nursing home but he is weaker for sure as compared to a year ago. Wash, rinse, repeat...

my three kids


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