Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Gosh, being a total prude here, I really wish most men felt this way. I know thatI am going against some sort of grain somewhere with this entry, but I really hate jiggle joints. Just me I guess...

" Don't like Hooters. What's the point?
Fine, for those who want to go there. As for me, if I'm going out to eat, I usually take Jane or the whole family. I don't care how comfortable I am with the human/female body, but if I'm out to eat I'll choose a place where I'm not in the company of testosterone-poisoned teenagers who may be somewhere between 11 and 90 chronologically who have something missing in their own personal lives and have to get their jiggle jollies vicariously.
I don't want to sit in a place where the tables are so close I can't lean my head back without bumping into, well...bumpers.
I don't really get off on seeing shorts so short that I can judge the amount of cellulite on the upper, upper thigh.
I don't care if the bikini line on someone else is shaved or not, and I'd just as soon not know, thank you.
Nor do I have to keep a running talley on the percentage of innies and outies in the 18-25 year old female population.
And I wouldn't want my daughters working there. If I didn't want my daughters working there, I don't think I should be there, either.
Blunt? that's me."


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