Sunday, April 22, 2001

I notice that when I am chatting with some that if we get to close to an issue, a feeling or topic that may be 'forbidden' that the messages coincidently stop. I often get disrupted by my kids or a husband that feels that I shouldn't be using the internet at all except for research.
I would think that he would be pleased that I spend time journaling on here like I do, getting a lot of crap off of my mind and polishing my ideas (as few of them as there are) before I lay it on him.
He is po'd at me because I said I did not want to go and attend the installation service of the pastor that just left our church in December. I said my good-byes and don't see the point in trying to keep a relationship going with him and his family. I haven't heard from them at all despite sending them an email and a snail mail card. ANYWAYS...........................
He wanted to take me out to dinner today for our anniversary and we were going to wait until around 5 pm as I was supposed to have a bible study this afternoon, well it got changed and I didn't tell him at church when I found out and he was not happy. I'll have to talk to him more later about it but I don't understand why since someone else changed the schedule that he is not happy with me. More than likely I am doing my usual self deprecation act.
Any how, I am truly happy to have been married for 18 years! I see how we have grown


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