Thursday, December 06, 2001

Once again it's time for the best of Weasle3's blog (aka I'm too lazy to think of anything new to write today.

Weasle3's blog Sunday, July 15, 2001
While I was driving the other day to bring my father in law his medicine and give him breakfast I was struck with the thought, " I really dislike the man,why do I do this when I could use this time for something else?" Then I remember a bible verse, can't remember the specific book or verse but it goes something like "when you serve the least of these, you serve Me". Meaning that if you serve the lonely, elderly,hated, 'untouchables' that you are in essence serving Jesus Christ himself. What a cool idea! So then that changes my thought pattern from "why do I have to do all this stuff for him, HE'S NOT MY DAD!!" to "Hey this is totally cool, I'm bringing an egg McMuffin to Jesus, I am really honored to be able to serve my Saviour this way!" And the next time I give the crabby old man at the post office a smile and a "hello" I am saying it to Jesus. Think about it, it's pretty mind blowing when you do!


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