Monday, May 07, 2001

What is one weekend a month worth to you when it is teaching your children about your spiritual beliefs? Is it too much time to spend? Are your children or others children too much of an inconvience to do such a thing? Do you complain about the lack of certain services but never offer to improve on what you see lacking? Then this is for you. I am so fed up, frustrated, annoyed, angry and ready to throw my hands up and walk away from my responsibility as CE Chairperson. (Christian Education) I can't get one person to commit to a once a month sunday school teaching turn. C'mon folks, just how deep is your committment to your Christianity? Geez, there are enough parents that if each child's parent were to teach one week at a time they would have to teach twice from Sept. to June. Is that too much to expect or even hope for? Apparently so. I want to be able to give the folks that tirelessly helped out this year next year off so they can enjoy going to church or even visiting relatives at thier churches on sundays or not have to spend the week organizing activities to amuse your badly disciplined children that think nothing of running around like chickens with thier heads cut off, teasing the other kids and knowing that we can do nothing more than speak to them about it because thier parents don't even bother to ask how thier children are behaving in class, and there isn't a chance to even approach a parent after sunday school because they are out the door like a shot off to another activity, no rest for the wicked I guess! Makes me ill it does!
Prayer for the day: Dear Lord help me to not be so judgemental and to let go of my anger at those that know not what they do. You are good always and I have so many blessings that I can be thankful for. Thank you Lord Jesus my saviour!


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