Monday, October 30, 2000

I love this blog Living in Hormoney the graphics are great and I like the fact that she reads my blog too.

Chase's teachers have discussed with me in his latest IEP meeting that he has been having staring spells. They seem concerned about this. I am sort of too. With Chase having a form of Autism and Autistic kids being prone to having seizures, I am wondering if he isn't having small seizures. I have to get him set up with a medical access card as the diagnostic screenings that we will need to pursue this with are going to be a financial hardship without any sort of insurance assistance.
We had genetic screening done and it totalled over 900.00 for bloodwork. Our shitty HMO plan (Blue Cross-Priority One) covered get this.......$88.00 of it! 88 freaking dollars! and that was after the Lab knocked off some of the costs! We still have to pay the remainder of that and the fees from the Developmental Pediatrician that we had to take him to. (you guessed it! She didn't take HMO's AT ALL!!!!)

Anyways, All this to look over my wonderful, quirky, slightly disruptive son! He is such a cool kid! I just fear for him when he is out among all the kids he goes to school with. He is in a "normal" classroom but I don't know how long this is going to be feasable. I am going to work my butt off to guide him as far as alternatives to what he normally does when he gets upset over something. *sigh*


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